How to Get Rid of a Rat Stuck in a Dumpster

If you are the owner of local business, you likely have a dumpster that you used to dispose of your office or restaurant waste. The garbage is picked up on a regular basis, likely every week, letting you keep your office area is clean as possible. It is the perfect solution, especially in large urban areas. However, the dumpster can often become a big temptation for animals like rats. This is especially true if you throw away food into your dumpster. You may be attracting rats on a regular basis, and may frequently see them in there when you go to throw out your garbage. This may make you wonder what you can do to get rid of a rat that is stuck inside your dumpster?

Do Nothing
Let's start with the most obvious of all. Maybe you don't really care what happens to the rat. It stuck inside your dumpster and isn't getting out. When the trash company comes around to capture your trash to take to the city dump, the rat will go with it. It will either get crushed inside the trash truck or get carried to the dump where it will be dropped off there to live. The problem is resolved. What that means is that your solution to the problem is literally to do nothing. You don't care what happens the animal, so don't worry about it that.

Give It a Way Out
If this is not an option or you don't want it to be an option, then you can do things to try to help the rat to get out. Maybe there is a door to the side that you can simply leave open. This will allow the rat to get out, but you may wind up with a bigger problem than you had before. An open door could lead other animals to start coming into your dumpster and, before you know it, you may have dozens of rats inside your dumpster. Maybe even raccoons, squirrels, and other critters as well. If you don't like that option, then maybe you could build it some kind of improvised ramp or stepping system to get out. Throw your garbage into the dumpster so that it enables the rat to climb its way up and out over the edge of the trash receptacle. These animals are very good climbers. They have sharp claws and pads on their feet that allow them to grip well. It won't take them very long to be able to work themselves up a steppingstone of trash bags to get out of the dumpster. It all depends upon what you would like to happen to the rats. If you don't really care, then let the trash company take care of them. If you want to give this animal a chance to live, then give it away out. It is really up to you as to what you think is best. Either way, this should work.

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